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These courses are our favorites but the link below shares about 20 more schools and courses to help study herbalism. 

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American Herbalist Guild

Contains an online library of herbal monographs, a monthly newsletter, and a series of webinars and online courses. 


Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine 

Chestnut school has a range of courses, including free introductory courses on herbal medicines and wild edible plants that cover the basics of herbal medicine, inculding plant identification, medicine making, etc.


Florida School of Holistic Living

Offers the Roots of Herbalism home study course. Explores the philosophies of ecological Herbalism, the practices of herbal nutrition, and the foundations of holistic health. 


Berkeley Herbal Center

Berekely offers two free trainings for herbalists. One consist of using botanical allies for immune protection, optimum health. The other offers a medicine making techniques for herbal lung-support and the best practices for maintaining systemic health. 


Common Wealth Holistic Herbalism

Herbal study tips to make learning herbalism easier, and the 4 keys to holistic herbalism. 


Green Path Herb School

Learning about herbal medicine and medicinal plants. Including herbalist courses, articles, books, and introductory slideshows. Topics such as plant medicine, herbal remedies, and natural healing.  

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